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Adobe Spark

It seems every software developer is trying to create products that can be viewed on social media. Adobe Spark is the latest program to jump on the social media bandwagon. Spark allows a user to create photographic slides slows that can work on a PC and tablet, or can be imported directly into Facebook. The presentation can resemble typical linear PowerPoint-like slideshows or scroll down presentation as seem on tablets. Let me first say the best thing about Spark is its ease of use. There are drop down menus at the upper left hand corner that allows one to pick transitions between the slides, change fonts, created backgrounds, and the time spent on each slide. A musical score can also be added if desired. The way the programs operates remains one of PowerPoint.

However, unlike PowerPoint, Adobe Spark does not allow for text effects, and there is no ability in the slideshow to create a button to click to the next slide. So the presentation is pretty much restricted to being linear. Adobe states the Spark is designed to create personal movies not necessarily slideshows. To me missing these elements makes the program seem unfinished. I find missing navigations button especially annoying. In many ways even PowerPoint seems to be a more complete program when you consider the options it offers. Still spark is an interesting idea and it is very easy to use. Remember, Spark is still in its infancy and its capabilities will improve in future releases.

Besides its ease of use, Spark's best feature is that it is free, and one of the few Adobe programs that is not saddled with Adobe's cloud subscription policy. Overall, Spark is an interesting program that needs a few more features to be a home run.

PRO: Ease of use. Free

CON: Lacks navigation in slide shows. No text effects available.

Andrew Kear

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